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Hong Hu (Robert)

Prior to immigrating to New Zealand, Robert worked in global pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lily, Pfizer and Kirin as a senior pharmaceutical manager. He has more than 25 years’ customer service and management experience and financially savvy.

In his practice Robert Hu enjoys the challenge of buying and selling properties, businesses and structuring deals. He also enjoys protecting his clients’ rights. He believes that a defense attorney may find flaws in most of governmental or prosecutorial investigations. He is able to suggest specific defense strategies, arranging plea bargains, or even complete dismissal of charges. Robert Hu is committed to providing the best professional service as well as being approachable in his service delivery. He is also a first and only notary public lawyer from mainland China practicing in New Zealand.

He was appointed as the guest law professor in several law school in China. He was awarded a senior fellow of the Australia and New Zealand College of Notaries.

Robert has broad experience in industry and trade development. He is currently the Chief Executive of Hubei Chambers of Commerce of New Zealand Incorporated and Chairman of Hubei International Cooperation NZ (Auckland) Workstation. He was selected as CPPCC Hubei Provincial Committee Overseas Representative and CPPCC Wuhan Provincial Committee Overseas Representative.

Outside of work, Robert enjoys the company of family and friends and spend weekends away. He is an avid soccer and badminton player, skier and enjoys adventure sports, Chinese Martial Arts, sky-tower bungy-jumping, deep sea diving, rock climbing and marathon races. He is a fit, energetic person with big sense of humor.

Community Work
His professional affiliations include:
  • Chairman of New Zealand-China Free Trade Limited;
  • President of New Zealand-China Culture and Art Exchange Limited;
  • Overseas Director for the Hubei Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries;
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Hubei Chambers of Commerce of New Zealand Incorporated;
  • Chairman of the China Hubei Chamber of International Commerce New Zealand Branch;
  • Chairman of Hubei International Cooperation NZ (Auckland) Workstation;
  • Honorary Chairman of the Wuhan University Alumni Association of NZ Incorporated; and,
  • Chairman of the Clan Hu Society in Australasia Incorporated.

His community work has included holding executive positions on a number of community and sporting organizations. He was the only Chinese lawyer from New Zealand who joined the NZ-China FTA business delegation which was led by the then Prime Minister, Helen Clark, when the Free Trade Agreement was signed in Beijing on 7 April 2008.

He has written legal articles for Chinese-language websites, newspapers, and has provided material for Chinese television stations.

He has also undertaken pro-bono legal service for the Chinese community since 2001.

He has the honour to have his biography set out in a Chinese book which publicizes the stories of successful Chinese people overseas.

He also holds Postgraduate Diplomas in Medical Science and English Literacy which were completed in China before he immigrated to New Zealand. The combination of law, business management, and forensic medical backgrounds give him the advantage of having a broad range of expertise and knowledge to assist the Asian community.

The Hubei Chamber of Commerce and the China Hubei Chamber of International Commerce NZ Branch have actively provided free law-related services, and have also hosted numerous governmental leaders from China, its provinces and cities as well. For more than a decade, the Chambers have actively participated in various important events in China, and have led numerous New Zealand business delegates to participate in the Chinese Entrepreneurship Conference held in Wuhan.

In 2014, the Chambers organized a large delegation of Australian and New Zealand entrepreneurs to participate in the Chinese Entrepreneurship Conference, and signed hundreds of agreements. In May 2015, the Chambers again led hundreds of business delegates from Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific island nations to participate the 9th Central Six Provinces Expo with outstanding results. Afterwards the delegates visited Sichuan Province and was greeted by the Mayor of the Chengdu City Mr. Liangzhi Tang and his invitation to participate in the Western Expo.

On 13 August 2015, Secretary of Hubei Province Mr. Hongzhong LI visited New Zealand. In 24 hours he greeted Lawyer Robert Hu twice, in Auckland and in Christchurch respectively. Mr. Li brought hundreds of business delegation from China and had a great Business expo in Christchurch, Robert Hu also attend to this expo in Christchurch and assist both parties signed several agreements. Mr. Hu continually promote sister cities between Wuhan and Christchurch. 

In January 2016 and  2017, Robert Hu was selected as only one of the two overseas delegate of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Wuhan, a city with a population of 11 million. He was further selected as one of the 12 overseas delegate of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Hubei Province at the same time.

Robert Hu has continuously promoted cultural and artistic exchange programmes between China and New Zealand for more than a decade. He is a most popular gentleman.