Auckland CBD Office
Level 6, 109 Queen Street, Akl, NZ


Hong Hu Lawyers Limited is one of Australasia’s largest East Asian and Pacific focused law firms. We have
two branches in Auckland and contacting centers in Wellington, Christchurch and Hong Kong.

Hong Hu Lawyers represents local, national and international clients’ business transactions in New Zealand. Our clients are from countries including China (including Taiwan and Hongkong), Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Mongolia, Iran, Saudi Arabia,Tanga, Cook inland, New Caledonia, Australia, and other Pacific Islands.

Hong Hu Lawyers Limited specialises in immigration, property, commercial, trust and relationship property and court works.

Like all new immigrants, most of Hong Hu Lawyers are from other countries and Hong Hu Lawyers is able to understand well on your cultural needs having migrated to New Zealand. Our lawyers can speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Tongan, other Pacific languages and other local dialects. Hong Hu Lawyers provides excellent levels of  expertise ability that gives a commercial, practical and cultural approach to legal issues, building long-term relationships with the businesses and communities

Hong Hu Lawyers as a legal firm fosters a multi-cultural working environment where individuals flourish; we respect each other’s talents and abilities; and we also vigorously believe in there is at least one solution to every case.

We look forward to being of service to you.


Our special fields are:

All types of immigration works

Court works

Property acquisition and sale

Subdivision and development

Leasing and management of commercial premises

Business acquisition and sale

Company incorporation

Share sale and shareholders' agreement

Family or trading trusts


Relationship Property disputes and resolutions

The fundamental values which define Hong Hu Lawyers’ services are: